Hello, you made it!

Well, you’ve been lucky today to find your way through the trillions of websites to land on mine, Good Job! (I’ll try to make it worth your while)

I love rhyming verse and I adore telling a story. Stories can be so engaging, active, and ’emotive’ and that’s just how I like them, and kids do too!

So I decided to write the stories that I love to perform. Get excited, take a deep breath, and give that story all you’ve got! It’s amazing what you can make happen.


I’ve been an early year’s educator working with children aged from 0 to 8 for over 20 years now so stories and imaginative scenarios are part of my every workday. Stories make teaching interesting, engaging, and emotional.

To tell you about me, it is best to introduce you to my experiences and the people that have shaped who I am throughout my life. I am a collection of everything and everyone that I admire and love.

My experiences are a collection of choices and decisions that my wife and I have made together.
They represent how we wanted to interact with the world and some of the awesome opportunities that we have been offered and have taken along our journey.

My Books

My current focus is nature and conservation and how we can bring awareness and interest in nature to our early learners.

I also feel very strongly about providing our early learners with an awareness of their capabilities and showing them how they can be adventurous and explore and have fun learning. I will always present a positive perspective and a supportive environment.

I love ‘trees’, so I have taken a static ‘object’ and brought it to life by using rhyming poetry, this was the topic of my first 4 rhyming books.

I love to help our early learners gain a positive perspective, so I wrote “I’m not scared anymore!” which is a story about a boy and girl realizing that they don’t have to see everything that ‘appears’ scary, as a monster.

Stories make teaching interesting, engaging, and emotional and there are so many more ways for a child to remember the content when they are actively listening to a well-presented story. When a rhyming verse is added, it can completely change the presentation and the engagement, just like adding singing to music.

My influencers