My Books

My current focus is nature and conservation and how we can bring awareness and interest in nature to our early learners.

I also feel very strongly about providing our early learners with an awareness of their capabilities and showing them how they can be adventurous and explore and have fun learning. I will always present a positive perspective and a supportive environment.

I love ‘trees’, so I have taken a static ‘object’ and brought it to life by using rhyming poetry, this was the topic of my first 4 rhyming books.

I love to help our early learners gain a positive perspective, so I wrote “I’m not scared anymore!” which is a story about a boy and girl realizing that they don’t have to see everything that ‘appears’ scary, as a monster.

Stories make teaching interesting, engaging, and emotional and there are so many more ways for a child to remember the content when they are actively listening to a well-presented story. When a rhyming verse is added, it can completely change the presentation and the engagement, just like adding singing to music.